Nelson Haws
President and Chief Executive Officer

Nelson has over 30 years of mortgage banking experience in production, operational and capital markets development. Nelson has been in a leadership/ownership role in the mortgage banking industry since 1995 and has a successful history of developing multi-billion-dollar mortgage origination and securitization platforms. Additionally, Nelson has a keen understanding of technology and has been working on the development of ResMac’s proprietary web-based origination tool “marti” since 1999.

Nelson earned his undergraduate degree from Nova Southeastern University in 1991 and holds an advanced Six Sigma Certification from the University of Miami School of Business. Nelson was recognized by Standard and Poor’s in 2008 as a Specialized Industry Leader (SIL) and performed various consultations with Wall Street Investment Banks for the purpose of restructuring non-performing mortgage-backed securities. Nelson was recently admitted to the Harvard Business School and is currently working towards his OPM Master’s Degree.

Nelson is a former college athlete and brings a highly competitive spirit to the ResMac organization. Nelson resides in FL and currently coaches little league baseball at East Boynton Beach, FL. Nelson was previously a Guardian Ad Litem for Broward County, FL and as a big believer of “giving back”, is today involved in many community and family development programs.

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